Jalianne Li : SurFace Dance

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Rehearsing for kinetic studio open series 2015Kara Friesen | Halifax Dance Seen
Rehearsing for kinetic studio open series 2015

New movement arises when choreographers perform rigorous experiments on bodies and how they move. Perhaps it is Jalianne Li’s science background that lends so well to her curious choreographic nature. Her interest lies in investigating the use of faces in dance. Working with dancers from Halifax, including yours truly, she will be showing an excerpt of her first piece “In The Beginning” in this weekend’s Kinetic Open Studio Series. Concentrating solely on our faces poses many opportunities and limitations. Have you ever tried lifting one eyebrow independently of the other? To some this comes naturally, to others it just doesn’t exist in their range of motion. One of the discoveries I’ve made is that I can lift the right corner of my mouth and not the left independently.
Exposing the limitations of our facial expressions, Jalianne’s process builds to a system rarely seen on stage. Far from the rolling, swinging, thrashing and leaping of many movement styles this one will draw attention to the versatility presented within the muscular structure of the face. This part of the body is often bound by symbolism placed on it by our social constructs. A smile, a frown, a grimace, sure, but how can one break the norm and contort the face into unfamiliar gestures, lending it’s peculiarity to the movement that appears in the rest of the body? To find out, come see the show this Saturday or Sunday at DANSpace.
8pm/ Saturday & Sunday / January 24 & 25/ 2015
Tickets: $8 Students $10 Adults

DANSpace on Grafton 1531 Grafton st.