Recap of January 2015, my how we danced!


It’s been about a month since I first started this blog. There were so many happenings this month it was honestly hard to keep up!
First off, Kathleen Doherty and I discovered a brand new charm within Windsor. The Windsor Cedar Centre for Health and Wellness. What a fun evening of performing, networking and brainstorming new events!

Kinetic Studio’s Open Studio Series kept us all warm on the evening of that horrendous rain storm. While others may have been blueprinting their Arc, we were staying dry inside enjoying dance.

The Viennese Opera Ball happened while I was in town improvising to some amazing jazz music by the Anteaters. I can’t wait for the update on how this fabulous event went. Some of the girls from the dance community got to dress in fabulous costumes including some wild hairdos!

It’s hard to believe all these events were jam packed into one month. If you saw even one of these events, feel free to comment below or send me an e-mail about your experience. February should be just as entertaining; lots of movement in store for you Halifax!