Kinetic Open Studio Series Jan 2015

The Dance Seen

We welcomed artists from New Brunswick and Montreal to our Kinetic Studio show on January 24 & 25.
Jalianne Li from Moncton brought her innovative technique called face dancing. The face has so much more versatility than one would think. Donning black light lipstick and allowing only the lips to be visible she created a surreal scene in which parts of the face floated independently, giving the usual appendages a break. Her company, SurFace dance continues their exploration routinely in her hometown.
Katie Ward showcased her comedic skills with her rollicking piece in which she broke the fourth wall with comedy, play, rearranging of furniture, questions and existential footnotes. Involving a theremin added to her off the cusp creation and helped her explore how matter interacts.
Rhonda Baker performed a solo in continuation of her Explorations residency with Kinetic studio. She took on a timid role, toying with the audience’s perceptibilty to her own awareness as a performer.
Coming up next in Kinetic’s Open Studio series, we see locals Sara Coffin and Veronique explorations solo works, Lydia Zimmerman flying in from Boston MA, and emerging artists of the Nostos collective showcasing a workshopped piece from the EMERGE project.
Tickets $8 students $10 regular
8pm/Saturday & Sunday/21&22 February/2015
DANSPace 1531 Grafton