Verge, A Show of Live Music & Movement

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This Spring as the ice melts away and we begin to feel our fingers and toes a show comes out from the thaw. Kathleen Doherty, a powerhouse in the Halifax dance scene, and Andrew MacKelvie, her equal in the music world have been concocting a show involving the audience in their appreciation of both music and dance; interacting through movement, sound and space.

Three dancers, I’m fortunate┬áto be one, and five musicians convened, improvising with each other since November. Over time our sensitivity to one another has evolved and become a tangible tool we use when composing and choreographing movement pieces together. From inside the piece I feel the musicians provoking one another while the dancers navigate our way through space; under, over and around each other.

There is truly nothing like being in a room full of people skilled in their art forms conducting a symposium in the communication mode they love best. Dancers led by sound, musicians led by movement and a conversation that welcomes the audience warmly into their space; invited into this new composition of sound and movement poetry.

Kathleen Doherty, Votive Dance, Andrew MacKelvie and Friends invite you warmly to enjoy Verge, a show of Live Music and Dance.

8pm Saturday & 3pm Sunday/ 28 & 29/ March/ 2015

Advance Tickets $20 Adults/ $15 Students

At the Door $22 Adults/$17

Buy tickets for Verge online

DANSpace, 1531 Grafton st.