Wine Tasting in Support of Contemporary Dance (This is How I feel About Wine)

The Dance Seen

In our current Gastronomic society, wine is an often enjoyed treat. A glass of wine with seafood at a restaurant, a bottle of wine with friends on the patio, a few glasses in the evening with your loved one. Many of us enjoy this delicious past time. What if you could enjoy this past time even more? By experiencing a guided wine tasting the flavours of your favourite wines will blossom before you. Whether it be a full bodied red with tannins and spice, or a crisp white with notes of apricot and a clean finish, your experience of wine will change for the better after this tasting with Kevin Schwenker of Wine Horizons.

For $50 a seat you could be the student of this local wine importer whom converses with wine makers around the world. Try 8 wines while you are lead through wine tasting techniques, the origins of each wine and, my favourite, trusting your instincts when enjoying a glass. Seasons by Atlantica hosts this event providing Chef Luis Clavel, to compliment the tasting with some delicious food. The best part of all this? You get to give back to Live Art Dance and contribute to their success in bringing more high quality dance productions to our city to enjoy.

Live Art Dance, is Atlantic Canada’s only presenter of Contemporary Dance, and has been successful in connecting the general public with a variety of quality dance from abroad and home. They brought, most recently, Out InnerSpace Dance to perform “Me So You So Me”. People are still talking about how fabulous this production was. The presenter also supports the endeavours of local talent, introducing new audience members to Halifax based dance companies like Mocean Dance. Their efforts are so appreciated by dancers and audiences alike as they continue to play match maker and nurturer to contemporary dance throughout Canada and here at home.

Sit back, enjoy your sips of wine and let summer settle in to your bones, on May 18 with Live Art Dance.

Wine Horizons Presents: A guided Wine tasting in Support of Live Art Dance

Monday/18 May/2015

Tickets $50

Reservation Required Call: 902-420-0003 or Email:

Seasons by Atlantica