Verge featured in the Jazz Festival

The Dance Seen Musician: Nick Durado Dancer:Kara Friesen From Verge March 2015Raphael Titsworth-Morin
Musician: Nick Dourado
Dancer:Kara Friesen
From Verge March 2015
If you missed our first performance of Verge in March, here is your chance to catch it…this time for free! Votive dance under the direction of Kathleen Doherty will be reuniting with our favourite musical friends to bring you Verge as part of the Free Jazz Festival event: Spark.
There is always a reason to miss a show, it costs too much, you have to work, you have a hot date….this time all the variables are in your favour. This show will be hosted by the Jazz Festival at the Bus Stop Theatre on Saturday July 11 at 9pm. Since it’s free, you have the cash to go, you know about it way in advance, so go ahead pencil us in, and well, if you have a hot date your date will get even hotter if you bring your special friend to our fun, thoughtful and interactive show.
A little about Verge:
Received wildly by audience members in March, this show involves 3 dancers and 5 musicians, moving throughout the space in an unconventional performance showcasing the talents of improvisational jazz musicians and contemporary dancers. The dynamics of the show come from the ever changing spatial perspectives and the various ways the players find to interact on an equal playing field.
Feel free to move around the space so you can see some other perspectives, there will be minimal fixed seating area in an effort to allow the audience to view from where they please.
Can’t wait to see you there!

Verge as part of the Jazz Festival
Tickets: Free!
9pm/11 July/2015
Bus Stop Theatre