Kinetic Studio Presents: Short & Sweet

The Dance Seen

In an age of contemporary dance where longer tends to be the reigning trend, Kinetic Studio in collaboration with Wants&Needs Danse presents Short & Sweet, 25 dances that end quickly. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to attend a party full of contemporary dancers, sip on some beverages and enjoy a performance from each of them here’s your chance to find out!

The idea of performing many short works hails from Sydney Australia where Mark Cleary developed a format for theatre giving upcoming artists the chance to showcase works and established artists to show off a bit. In the end, the concept of allowing many artists a few minutes to perform offers the absolute best mingling opportunities. With a wide range of dancers from various backgrounds and in different career stages, the variety should keep everyone in the audience guessing.

*A few performer names to add: Jeremie Saunders, Maria Osende & Andrew TayRaf T
*A few performer names to add: Jeremie Saunders, Maria Osende & Andrew Tay

There are a few ground rules for performers (don’t worry audience you just get to enjoy). The piece must be no longer than 3 minutes. If a performer goes over the time limit the lights are shut off music cut, done. 3 minutes, that’s all they get. The piece must be an original work, never performed before. In this case recycling has been outlawed. Performers are to come up with one concept, develop it just until the time limit and finish. Held at DANSpace, a very familiar and versatile venue, the dancers may embark on something rarely seen as the forum allows for quirky, theatrical, and interactive work.

With 25 artists invited to perform you’re bound to know at least one face appearing on stage, if not all! Who knew there were so many contemporary dancers surviving in Halifax? Thankfully in large part to Kinetic Studio, a diehard supporter of emerging and established artists, the dance world is rumbling with fresh ideas and populated by pilgrims of movement.

Check out the beautiful poster by Raphael TM, see if you can spot a name you recognize, then go see them dance!

Kinetic Studio Presents:Short and Sweet

9pm/Saturday/24 October/2015

Tickets $15 / $10 for members

DANSpace 1531 Grafton st