Kinetic Studio Presents: First Ideas

The Dance Seen

Formulating choreography in contemporary dance often takes a lot of research, exploring and lab work. Like scientists making new discoveries, contemporary dancers often need to delve deep into research to create works that help us see a new perspective, a new way of moving or help the artist further develop their artistic vision.

This Saturday and Sunday at DANSpace you’ll be welcomed in for a peek at some works in progress. Step into the lab, so to speak, to see what choreographers are formulating, researching; see what kind of ideas are bouncing around in their heads. Four artists will be showing their First Ideas, a project that allows the chosen choreographer a chance to show a work that is maybe not quite completed, but could use some insight through the performance stage of the work. Showing an unfinished work allows someone to perform, view and discuss their work in an open forum, giving them a chance to chew on their pen a bit before going back to the drawing board. Allowing for re calculations, adjustments and answering questions they may have regarding their piece breathes new life into a work, allowing potential for the work to lift off the ground and become something richer, fuller and perhaps drastically different front that first seed of idea. The process is made possible by the support of Kinetic Studio, and without the pressure of administrative, touring, venue rental, technical considerations allowing the artist breathing space to hone in on their creative experimentations.

Artists featured this weekend are:

The Expanse: a collection of improvising artists

Sara Coffin

Bridget Lappin

Megan Matheson Hamilton

Misha Horacek & Chris Spencer-Lowe (4pm Saturday)

Click on the links above to hear what each artist has to say about their approach to First Ideas.

Starting Wednesday November 25th Naomi Jackson will be leading a three part workshop along the same lines of the concept of First Ideas, leading artists through the creative process and decision making about their work. Here’s what she had to say about the upcoming discussions:

A discussion based workshop led by Dr. Naomi Jackson, Associate Professor, School of Film, Dance and Theatre. Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts. Arizona State University.

“Contemporary Trends in Creative Practice, Pedagogy and Presenting” , will focus on discussing and embodying theories and practices related to performance studies, ethics, somatics, urban dance, community engagement, and digital technologies. We will be exploring ideas related to tradition and innovation, the local and global, gender and sexuality, self and community, ethnicity and race, among other themes. The goal is to help stimulate thought, encourage creativity, and foster collaboration in an effort to help each participant further evolve their own work, as well as transform dance and body-based arts in the region.


Workshop by Dr. Naomi Jackson
The Apex 6068 Quinpool Rd
1pm-4pm/Wed-Fri/25-27 November/2015

First Ideas Kinetic Studio

4pm/Saturday/28 November
Studio Showing Misha Horcek and Chris Spencer-Lowe

8pm /Saturday-Sunday/28-29 November/2015

DANSpace 1531 Grafton