The year thus far…Kinetic Studio


‘Tis the Season for reflection, gratitude and looking forward to the year to come. All three come to mind when thinking of the work done by Kinetic Studio of Halifax.

Booking a full season of local talent and dancers originating from Nova Scotia, this organization of enthusiasts keeps dancers and audience members quite busy!

Since October we’ve enjoyed Short and Sweet, First Ideas and some very important and helpful workshops.

Short & Sweet was the event that filled DANSpace with professional dancers of the community and viewers delighted in the 3 minute pieces. With a clear set of rules allowing only for a short piece never before performed by each of the 20 performers, some pretty engaging and shall we say alternative? work came to life that night. With a set up likened to an open mic concert or comedy club; tables and chairs strewn throughout the room in front of the stage the audience was scattered throughout, allowing for a relaxed atmosphere. Artists emerging from their chairs among the viewers to perform their short and sweet concept. Everyone was quick to laugh, and the fast pace of the show kept a revolving engagement that isn’t always achieved. Many pieces included a comedic aspect with quirky props, play with time and monologues. Others involved audience participation, which in such a relaxed atmosphere and with a large part of the artistic community providing a warm and open atmosphere worked very well. At the end everyone delighted in the happenings, many of them feeling very spontaneous occurring through the evening.

Naomi Jackson visited us from Arizona State University giving a three day workshop open to performers of any genre for free! What an amazing gift to the community as she brought with her the wisdom of a professor having studied and written about performance extensively. She asked us questions, personal and of the community, that got our brains churning out new ideas of performance space, opportunity, how life and artwork intersect, and my favourite, how artists of various mediums can interact to provide layers and a communal effect. Very exciting to be met with some questions and feedback from outside of the dance milieu; feeling the tentacles of creativity reaching beyond our tight knit dance circle. Fitting that the workshop was facilitated just before First Ideas.

First Ideas showed up at the end of that week with performances by Bridget Lappin, Sara Coffin, Megan “La Azulita” Matheson Hamilton, and the Expanse. A jambalaya of works from all different perspectives, many having been worked on outside of the city, or in some realm other than dance. A ninja inspired solo, a costume that trailed through the space as an extension of the dancer, a hip-hop/electronica Flamenco piece followed by a build and explosion of music and movement improvisation made for an evening of witnessing the seedlings of concept. Lappin had brought her idea from overseas, while Coffin managed to fly her collaborative costume project across the Country. The exciting element of this show was the idea that these in-progress showings would build and will one day take on a life of its own. The audience was witness to it’s first baby steps. The possibilities are endless and it’ll be interesting to see what comes of them. More tangibly, “La Azulita” will be performing her piece with a live musician during the next Open Studio Series, an exciting development from her first showing in progress.

Wanna make a move this weekend? Sunday, Kinetic partnered with suddenlyLISTEN will be hosting another sound and movement workshop. This time lead by the ever articulate Sara Coffin and Norm Adams, a cello player whom has made an impression on many of the movers and musicians I’ve worked with. From 2pm until 4pm this Sunday December 13th  the workshop is open to all levels and is a great way to experience some cross  culturing of mediums. A fantastic way to spend a hazy Sunday afternoon before the Holiday rush sets in.

suddenlyLISTEN! and Kinetic Studio Present… A Music and Movement Workshop

2-4pm/13 December/2015

PWYC or $5.00

DANSpace 1531 Grafton St Halifax