Last Chance of the Season: Live Art Presents…

The Dance Seen

As Suzanne Chui describes it in her International Dance Day message: “All around us the world is in Motion” What a pertinent message as we watch the movement of dancers not only on stage but as immigrants and emigrants moving about the world seeking new inspiration and audiences; responding to the inevitable directional switch of their personal lives.

It is with great fondness that Halifax will raise their hand to wave farewell to Paul Caskey and Elise Vanderborght artistic director of Live Art Dance and long time Halifax contemporary dancer. With an eye for exceptional talent and the ability to corral a community around art, Caskey and Vanderbourght have been integral players in breathing new life in our scene and bridging international dance communities.

Here is what Paul has to say of his departure from Live Art:

Being part of this extraordinary organization has been a dream come true; it has been a wonderfully rich experience working with local artists and contributing to Halifax’s distinguished arts community.

This, his last program will leave a legacy of love for local dancers. Featuring Jacinte Armstrong and Elise Vanderborght of SiNS (Sometimes in Nova Scotia) in The World Premier of Waiting for Bado(t) choreographed by the witty Denise Fujiwara. Referring to a poetic grouping of words and ideas: Butoh, Bordo, Bardo, Bardot, Godot her intellect unites with dance putting Armstrong and Vanderborght on display as talented technicians. Don’t miss her interpretation of the creative process on Thursday, at The Sir James Dunn Theatre before the show: Live Art Chat with Denis Fujiwara.

Photo: Courtesy of Live Art Dance Jacinte Armstrong and Elise Vanderborght of SiNS Dance company


Fujiwara’s interest in word play brought us Eunoia: an exciting collage of seemingly unrelated ideas based on the book by Christian Bök that entertained and excited audiences across Canada with its’ range of moods, playfulness and ingenuity.

Live Art’s last show of the 33rd season features another local artist whom premiered her work “Bonne Nuit” at the Whitebox Art Centre in New York (2014). The adorable and feisty Lydia Zimmer + dancers (Vivika Ballard, Kate Houston, Lauren Runions, Gillian Seaward-Boone, & Sophie Simmer: check out their bios) will present her group piece exploring the physicality and mental workings of the body’s response to nightmares. Returning home last year her performances did not go unnoticed and Caskey scooped her up quickly to ensure a successful arrival for the talented Zimmer. Featuring a Toronto/Nova Scotian cast, the piece is sure to enthral audiences with her interest in isolating the tiniest of body part, creating a treat for the eyes as the dancers float through precise and meticulous movement.


Live Art Dance Presents: SiNS + Lydia Zimmer

8PM/ Thursday-Saturday/21-23rd April/2016

Tickets: $30 General, $25 Seniors, $20 Students

Sir James Dunn Theatre, Dalhousie Arts Centre