Live Art Presents: “Made in China”, Wen Wei Dance


Wen Wei Dance brings us “Made in China” Oct 6-8pm presented by Live Art Dance.

A collection of biographical narratives that explore the life experiences of Chinese-Canadian Wen Wei Wang and Artistic Director of Beijing Modern Dance Company, Gao Yanjinzi this show will captivate the curious and with its’ aim to express an age-old culture in a modern world. In today’s society where cultures are forming within cultures and we see a rise in anxiety between citizens of the world, this is an important dance performance to see. Spend your Thursday, Friday or Saturday night this Thanksgiving weekend opening your eyes and sharing in the History and traditions of Sammy Chien, Qiu Xia He, Gao Yanjinzi, Wen Wei Wang; generously offering an authentic peek into their own experiences as Chinese artists as they engage in dialogue; finding links in their unique identities.

Wen Wei2.png
Wen Wei Dance  Photo courtesy of Live Art

A collaboration of live classical music, contemporary classical choreography and modernized media arts the show creates “an intimate dialogue between performers and audience that opens a window to another world.” (

Nova Scotia is and has been for a while, as I like to call it, Canada’s best kept secret. Let’s face it, we are pretty isolated from many cultures and can be inundated with the stereotypical images we are fed through the media. The chance to peer into an authentic production of story-telling, dance and music composed by established award winning Chinese artists will be an enriching worldly experience. Coming with real-life tales from across the planet, you’ll only have to go as far as the Dunn to come out feeling closer to this intricate and astoundingly rich artistic practice.

“Made in China” Wen Wei Dance Presented by Live Art Dance Productions
8PM/Thurs-Sat/ 6-8 Oct 2016
Sir James Dunn Theatre Dalhousie Arts Centre
Tickets: $30 Reg $20 Student $25 Senior