The Dance Seen

As I exited Alderney Landing theatre after seeing Burnwater, the ferry was just arriving; picture perfect against the backdrop of halifax. Had I not just taken part in the beautiful installation piece presented by Mocean Dance I probably would have passed without much thought.

But this show was able to re ground me after a very busy day. Susanne Chui and Doug Cameron’s performance interacting with metal sculptures and chime bowls left me feeling child like; playful, curious and sensitive.

Entering the space I noticed my heart pounding from the day. It could have been a huge metal door knocker pounding on the innards of my chest cavity. But as I watched Chui writing, tucked away in her a-frame tent and interacting with Doug’s soundscape, I became more aware and a wave of calm eventually took me over.

Photo by: Erin Donovan

As we were lead through the journey of introspection, our senses were challenged and surprised. A cloud of dust hangs in the air captured perfectly by light,

a babbling brook is brought inside. A wind chime floats in circles above us, deconstructed as its parts are too soft for sound, giving me the feeling that sound can be seen. Fabric juxtaposed against dense forgotten metals, and a story telling sculpture all culminate into a question for me. How has man come so far? So far from nature, having mastered its most dense and hearty material: metal.

This mighty beast has been tamed, and Burnwater will help you see all of its’ facets.


7PM/Wed /13 Sept/2017


4&7PM/Sat/ 16 Sept/2017

1PM/Sun/17 Sept/2017


Alderney Landing Theatre