Suffer through School? Not so Necessary

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We’ve all heard the old adage: “It’s the Journey, not the destination.” It’s hard not to agree, unless you’re walking across downtown Spring Garden Road mid rush hour. As Taylor MacGillivary talked about in his class today, one of the philosophies of Yoga is mainly to pay attention to how you feel, where you are and be honest with yourself; improving one small step at a time. He talked of the little bits of suffering we all feel daily from our constructed wants. As a student all I wanted was The Job. So I could make The Money. I would have loved to follow the yoga way through school; taking on the challenge more mindfully.

This week, as students flood the streets once more I’m reminded of the ol’ University days. There was such delight in those years.

As I went through my practice I couldn’t help but think back to those times.

Here are a few memories…culminating to: (enter big booming voice) My Advice to Young People Starting School:

You are smart enough, kind enough, and good enough.

Getting into University is no small feat. There were many steps it took to get here and you did it. You attended 8 hours of suffocating, rule enforcing, social hierarchal high school every day. You did it because deep down you understood the importance of education and contributing to society. High School is difficult, and you got through it.

Welcome to Real Life

Well…almost. There are still many programs in place to help you through the growing pains of living on your own. Take advantage of counselling, reduced price bus passes and fun social events!

Investing Now means More Advantages Later

As the “workhorse type” I always thought working a part time job was pretty much my top priority. I always lamented that I didn’t have as much time for school because I had to work. Looking back on this now, I was working more than I had to, and giving away precious time during those four years rather than really locking in to my school work. I feel success would have come much faster had I spent less time working for the $$ and more time working for my passion.

The Journey Really Does Count

The Journey through school was like a four year summer. The days felt so long but it passed so quickly. Really squeezing the most out of that journey is important in order to set yourself up on the right foot after you graduate. Putting in a couple extra hours of volunteer time, or in the studio will go so far. Having the feedback on your work and really taking the time to internalize and reconsider your approach will contribute so much to your individualized experience.

Yoga will make you smarter

Besides the scientific studies that say more oxygen to your brain and exercise will increase your focus, taking the time to de-stress at least once or twice a week makes you more effective at everything. Anxiety takes energy. It exhausts you, but when you take that break time to settle on your mat you leave feeling refreshed. Priorities become clear, anxieties fade and your body is ready and alert for more learning opportunities through the day.

There are so many other ways to spend your money than on beer

It took me a while to realize how expensive going out for a night on the town really was. But when I did I had to dig my heels in the ground and reconsider my life decisions. A couple rounds of drinks for yourself and some buddies? $50. Taxi Cab downtown? $20 there and back (Unless everyone else is out of cash…then it’s more like $35!) Some late night grub for you and your friend? $20.

$90 all in a night, not to mention the brain cells you just disposed of.

If you do that every weekend that’s $360! Think of all the other things you could spend it on….. a parakeet, a sky diving adventure, some designer jeans, an unlimited monthly yoga pass….

I’m not here to tell you what to do with your life, money or spare time. I’m simply looking back and realizing that the person I am today would have done it all a little differently. That’s the thing though, you can’t look back you can’t look forward, all you can do is understand where you are, learn from yesterday, enjoy the journey, and keep breathing in your downward dog…