Valentine’s Day Special: Marie Chuinard

The Dance Seen

This Valentine’s Day marks an exciting occasion for Halifax. For the love of contemporary dance, Compagnie Marie Chouinard is coming to our city.

When I was first exposed to her work it was an excerpt on video of “bODY_rEMIX”. Dancers wearing prosthetics seemingly mocking the ageless tradition of pointe work. I was immediately repulsed. Having trained for so many years to be one of the lucky few to don pointe shoes I thought it was a mockery of the institution I held so highly. And now I see the pointe shoes as an extension of the body as equally as the prosthetics. The fact is, there was a reaction a strong one. And this is what Marie Chouinard tends to evoke.

She’s been called “The high priestess of choreographic shock” (CBC Arts) for her seemingly infinite dance vocabulary evoking the most mangled and anamorphic presentations. Often the dancers are shirtless or in various stages of nudity which brings more criticism and praise respectively. Her stance on choreography is in praise of the mechanics and beauty of the body; approaching choreography as a scientist experimenting with all possibilities.

Marie Chouinard reflects on The Rite of Spring / Body Remix from GöteborgsOperan on Vimeo.

The two featured works this Valentine’s Day include “24 preludes by Chopin” and “Le Cri du Monde” the former accentuating the beauty of movement and music as it coexists, the second more reminiscent of the familiar Chouinard style.

This is an art experience collector’s dream. Don’t miss this opportunity to see a master in her element this Valentine’s Day.

Live Art Dance Presents: Compagnie Marie Chouinard

8pm/Wednesday/14, Feb/2018
Tickets: Tier 1 $40/$35 Tier 2 $30/$25
Rebecca Cohen Dalhousie Arts Centre