“The Art of Leaning”

Get out and Move Halifax!

Last night I dreamt I was flying….not flying in your typical sense of the word; flying overtop my dance partner’s head in a grandiose gesture, core engaged, defying gravity, eyes wide and alive. Sometimes you must trust the dance gods and let your partner fling you upside down over their head. Precisely the content of my dream.

Would you like to learn about gravity, weight transfer, levels and flying all in one class? Sundays in January and February is deemed flying day lead by Sara Coffin. A powerful force in our dance community, she will offer insights on partnering and contact improv giving you the confidence to grow your wings.

Trust in your partners this Sunday, moving together in an offering to the dance gods. All levels welcome!

info@saracoffin.com for registration
Class: 4pm-6pm/ Sundays / 4&11 Jan/ 1, 8 15 Feb/ 2015
$14 or $60 for 5 classes
Contact Improv Class: 4-4:30pm $5
Jam: 4:30-6:30pm $15
Both/ 25 Jan/22 Feb/2015
Citadel Community Centre 1955 Trollope St.

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