50th Anniversary Special!


Toronto Dance Theatre will be arriving from their first stop on their Canadian tour in Newfoundland to bring us “House Mix”. A celebration of Christopher House’s choreography created prior to and during his term as Artistic Director since 1994.

The program is comprised of 5 pieces. The works will showcase House’s kinetically sharp movement vocabulary. From group pieces to duets, some of the works are cleverly constructed as scores and others are carefully pieced together from movement to movement.

Martingales Martingales 2014. “One of the things that was so compelling about this piece was the dancers’ beautiful alertness… We are sucked into a captivating, moving picture created by an almost cinematic synthesis of light, sound and motion.” (The Globe and Mail)

Fjeld 1990. “Splendidly creative… House provides resonant images rather than ready answers.”

Thirteen- A newer creation featuring 5 of the Toronto Dance Theatre dancers.

Echo Pieces Echo Dark 2015. “…conjure the haunted mood of French symbolist painting: gilded, tactile, somehow ominous, too.” (The Globe and Mail)

Vena Cava Vena Cava 1998. “… a dramatic and exhilarating showcase” (The New York  Times)

Live Art Dance Presents: Toronto Dance Theatre: House Mix

Tickets: $30 Reg. $25 Senior $20 Student

8pm/Thurs-Sat/ 11-13 Jan/2018

Sir James Dunn Theatre Dalhousie Arts Centre 6101 University Ave.