VANIC @ Home Bass on Thursday January 8

Get out and Move Halifax!

As a dancer, you would think I get tired of dancing all day and stay home on the couch at night right? Wrong. This Thursday will be an indulgence of Electro proportions. VANIC will be welcomed with open arms to our little EDM scene, thanks to the faithful Hali presenters, HOME BASS. Chill beats to make you dream and hype beats that are sure to get your heart pumping. Two words: I’m There. And what better way to check out the new Reflections Cabaret location (If you haven’t already)?
It’s music like this that brings us Haligonians all to the understanding that to move is to feel alive
Tickets $7 before midnight, $12 after so arrive early to save 5 bucks!
10:30pm/Thursday 8 January/ 2015
Reflections Cabaret (5187 Salter st.)