Making it to Home Bass tonight?

Get out and Move Halifax!

Alright electronic music lovers, introducing Halifax’s most prominent and perminent underground music organization. If you’re looking for some warm love to share to some good music look no further than Reflection’s Cabaret every Thursday night. Run by Kyle McKracken aka KDZ in ca hoots with Giordani whom both feature as DJs often; Thursday nights are always a sure thing here. Our scene is small, I’ll give you that, but that just makes it a little more cozy. There most likely will be people you know there and if you don’t know them, attending Home Bass every week will acquaint you very quickly. Don’t be shocked to see some fringe fashion, sick dance moves, smiling faces and some truly talented hoop artists. Make sure to arrive early and take advantage of Happy Hour before midnight. There’s something for everyone with local bookings and DJs from all over the world.
Tonight, come to Ref’s to support local talent AND your favourite stage at Evolve, Nova Scotia’s own Music Festival. (PS You can buy early bird tix online now)
Tonight’s Line-up (Nova Scotia Homegrown Talent):

Elephants in Trouble: Dreamy folk beats with sultry lyrics, rhythmic drum and guitar riff loops

Tommy Knuckles: Party House Beats

KillBosby & Giordani: Oh this pair will make you sweat. ‘Twas a treat last week when they brought us into the AM with consistently strong feelin’ bad classy tracks that transport you to that place we’re all jonesin’ for.

Dack & Blecker from PEI A versatile duo committed to making the crowd dance with some luscious bass.

LPRD: Soul grounding Bassy gospel tracks

Tickets $6 HAPPY HOUR until midnight

Tickets $10

Thursday/30 April/2015

Reflections Cabaret