Citadel & Compagnie: Works by James Kudelka

The Dance Seen

Coleman Lemieux.jpg Photo by: Michael Slobodian

Presented by Live Art Dance Productions, Citadel & Compagnie comes from Toronto to share with us a roster of featured work by James Kudelka.

Kudelka is a Canadian icon, beginning his career as a choreographer while dancing with the National Ballet School of Canada. According to an article in The Canadian Encyclopedia, his influence as a choreographer won him the title of Officer of the Order of Canada in 2005. Known for his merging of ballet and contemporary dance he’s created works to classic symphonic compositions; a rare choice among today’s contemporary dance creators.

This time however, his work The Man in Black will be set to the melodramatic tunes of Johnny Cash. The piece celebrating “American working-class grit” is a stark contrast to the recent program “Backbone” by Red Sky Performance, this mixed works show will feature 3 men and a woman wearing cowboy boots and flannel dancing rhythmically in a Western Country characterization.

The rest of the show, well we will have to attend to see what the company has in store. With such a diverse repertoire the show is sure to deliver some surprises.

Live Art Dance Presents:
Mixed Program of James Kudelka Dances by Citadel & Compagnie

8PM/Thurs-Sat/ 7-9 December/ 2017
Tickets: $20 Students $25 Seniors, $30 Reg
Sir James Dunn Theatre, Dalhousie Arts Centre 6101 University Ave. Halifax NS