Red Sky at Night…

The Dance Seen

Inspired by the “spine” of our continents, the Rocky Mountains. A mixture of contemporary and indigenous dance, Backbone by Red Sky promises to be riveting with its’ physicality and bravado.

Click here to see a preview of the awesomeness:

Photo courtesy of: Live Art Dance

Having won many awards over the past 13 years the company continues to align itself with their core values: creating inspiring experiences of indigenous culture through the dissemination of art and culture. Their message is clear: “a Company is only as big as it’s dreams” says founder Sandra Laronde.

Their Dream?

“to create a leading international company that shapes contemporary world Indigenous performance, and to make a significant contribution to the artistic vibrancy of Canada and the world.”

Photo courtesy of Live Art Dance

Sound interesting to you? Attend the free round table discussion hosted by Live Art Dance this Wednesday from 1-3pm with Sandra Laronde artistic director of the company.

This week I’m in Newfoundland so I’ve passed the review duty onto Georgia Skinner one of Halifax’s most popular emerging dance artists. An incredible match for this physical show with her interest in break and the ease with which she executes the most technically challenging work especially when it comes to flipping upside down.

Red Sky Round table discussion with Sandra Laronde

Tickets Free!

1-3pm/Wednesday/15 November/2017

903 Robie St Halifax

Backbone by Red Sky Performance

8pm/Friday/17 November/2017

Tickets: $30 adults $25 seniors $20 students

Spatz Theatre Trollope St