In awe of The Cedar Centre in Windsor


Kathleen Doherty, my mainstay dance friend and I, recently road tripped out to Windsor for a performance. Unsure of what to expect we pulled into the parking lot in the centre of tiny Windsor and opened the doors to the new Wellness Centre. Our jaws instantly dropped. The space hugs and welcomes you with its’ thoughtful composition. Gaping rooms with art around every twist and turn host a multidisciplinary community centre complete with a cafe, a boardroom, an exercises science venue and, my favourite, three beautiful studios complete with exposed brick and a free standing stage. I had the pleasure of meeting Matthias Japael, the person responsible for this mighty project. He was as warm, welcoming and intriguing as his brain child. Brian Bedford his business partner, beamed throughout the evening, congratulating us and offering warm wishes

A view of the top floor Cedar CentreKara Friesen | Halifax Dance Seen
A view of the top floor Cedar Centre
and we all chatted about exciting projects for the future.
The evening proved that collaboration does not only include working together with other artists, but including architects, business people, health professionals and the whole community. Collaboration benefits all those involved and creates links that are so important to help grow.
So, as Kathleen and I performed our solos while the Windsor community looked on, we both felt the warmth of not just being able to showcase our dancing but being part of something larger; a project that brings art, business and health under one glorious roof.
Cedar Centre Health and Wellness
69 Cedar street
A few Highlights from The Cedar Centre