Dance Day ’17!

The Dance Seen

This week is exciting as we celebrate dance week in Halifax. The act of dancing is extremely important in the scope of cultural activity. Dance helps us mourn, allows us to express joy, dance carries on tradition and unifies a culture allowing for freedom and celebration of the values so dear to us.

This week Mocean Dance has joined forces with Dance Scholar Larry Lavender. They are creating a work that incorporates movement offered by the public today at parade square (11-1pm) and at The Halifax Central Library (2-4pm). Lavender will be giving an artist talk on Friday at 7pm and we will see the results of the Movement Synthesis Project.

International Dance Day is this Saturday and so we will gather at DANSpace to celebrate the importance of dance and its cultural significance in our city. The Movement Synthesis project will be performed by Mocean along with the exciting premiere of the documentary 15 for 15: Mocean Dance A Living Legacy by Noah Stephens. The video documents Mocean Dance’s 15th Anniversary celebration where the bulk of Halifax’s dance community joined forces to celebrate the exciting event with 15 choreographies by prominent figures in the international community.


Michelle Doucette Photography

I will proudly be premiering a new work created over the past 3 weeks during the EMERGE program offered by Mocean Dance. “Thou Shalt”, a work in progress is the culmination of discovery, openness to exploration, mentorship and movement generation with the 3 dancers. Olivia Aubrecht, Jessica Lowe And Joshua Moore will be performing the work that has presented with many themes along the way; now hovering around id, ego and superego.

Kathleen Doherty in: Arriving at The End

Kathleen Doherty will be presenting her solo Arriving at the End inspired by the work of Amelia Earhart. Through the solo Doherty relates values held by the historical figure to her own beliefs on women’s roles in leadership, trust, strength and feminism.


Join us in celebration on Saturday evening as we celebrate Dance Day alongside the International community.

Dance Day ’17
8PM/Saturday/ 29 April/ 2017
DANSpace on Grafton 1531 Grafton St.

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