Why dance?

The Dance Seen

Attending Kelly Keenan’s Axis Syllabus Workshop every day this week has stirred inside me my love for moving once again. Learning how to effectively flow from one movement to the next can be quite the challenge. Working on this challenge for a full week is giving me the opportunity to redirect my body and change some less desirable habits I’ve formed over the years.
As I stand in the studio watching my fellow dance peers move through the space, a question starts to tug at me. Why do we dance? We all started dancing because we loved the way it felt to move..or because our parents insisted, or our friends were involved. Many little girls dance all their lives until they graduate and then move on to different careers in science, health or a more, ahem, “practical” career. (Insert disclaimer here) However, what is it that made our small group of Haligonia artists devote our lives to dance? Taking what feels like a huge leap of faith into the often difficult path of piecing together a dance career.

imagePhoto by: Kathleen Doherty

We all have that fiery passion for dance in common, but delving deeper and examining this passion could bring up some interesting variations. From pre pro to pro, let’s talk…let’s tell Halifax why we dance.

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