Going Downtown! For some Music and Dance

The Dance Seen

Join us November 21st for an evening of soul wrenching Jazz and compelling movement. So here’s the deal. Downtown, 1313 Hollis St. you won’t want to miss the party we’ll be having next Saturday evening. Musicians and dancers are ready to perform their guts out….only you, the audience gets to decide how. Order a pair of performers to see a composition come to life in front of you on the spot. No Sheet music, no practiced steps. Simply performers, a room, some beer and you guys, watching as the whole thing unfolds before your eyes.

Photo by: Raphael Titsworth-Morin

I can’t say there is anything more thrilling than improvising in front of a live audience. The possibility of failure makes my guts want to fall out while I back away babbling in madness. It’s like jumping off the high diving board when you’re ten. approaching the edge, looking back to see the other kids waiting impatiently for you to take the plunge. And you leap and all you feel is nothing above below or around you as you plummet, leaving your stomach suspended in the air. As you’re swimming to the surface and gasp that first breath of air all you want to do is run back up and do it again!

Wondering how we will use the funds? Check out this choreography we’re working on with Rhonda Baker for our show in April! (Click the pic for some vid!)

Beginning at 7:30pm pop in for a refreshment, bid on silent auction items and order up a performance or two. A casual in and out party setting you can even make this your pre-party spot before you hit the town. Here are a few items you could bid on this Saturday Nov. 21st:

2 Gift Certificates for The Waterfront Warehouse value $50

A custom piece of jewellery

Massage Gift Certificates

Adult classes at Halifax Dance

Introductory class at Maritime Dance Academy

Gift certificates to The Middle Spoon value $100

and even more…hey! maybe you could get all of your Christmas Shopping done in one shot!

Votive Dance appreciates your continued support along this fantastic ride and we hope you’re having just as much fun! See you there!

Votive Dance Fundraiser: Order Up!

November 21st 7:30pm

1313 Hollis

Tickets: Get your tickets Here Pay what you Can! (Suggested donation of $15)

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