Live Art Dance brings it. Dance to Halifax.

The Dance Seen

You know the feeling when a really good song comes on? The feeling you get in your gut and across your skin because the song reaches through your ears into somewhere beyond….well this is the feeling I get for this year’s Live Art Dance Presenter’s 33rd season. I know this will be a hearty season.

From powerhouse breakdancing to sensing, feeling Butoh dance, Site Specific and Flamenco dance. The season will flow through the months dynamically, hosting performers form all over Canada and abroad.

Live Art Dance is a sure bet for those lovely fall evenings and cold winter dusks. Cozy up with a program and sit back to enjoy the entertainment of people who work day in and day out, training their bodies in various dance forms to shock, provoke, touch, and inspire. Sound like something you’d like to do? It’s an affordable musing too.

Without sounding too much like a soapbox advertisement, you’d save yourself some cash by subscribing to the Season for $140 or choosing 4 must-see shows for $95. Also a wonderful gift idea for parents, grandparents aunts and uncles, or your closest dance enthusiast.

This year Halifax will first host BBoyizm from Ottawa presenting their show: Music Makes Opportunity. A group inspired by traditional South African Dance style, Street Dance and Contact Improv. 8PM/Sept 24-26 /2015 Sir James Dunn
A Beautiful show by a street dance crew!

Fujiwara Dance Inventions: Eunoia, Toronto, comes next; playfully interacting with literature as they explore the world of poetic discourse through movement. This will be a favourite for bookworms and literary enthusiasts. 8PM/Oct 1-3 /2015/ Sir James Dunn
Check out reviews by Olivia Aubrecht and Sara Coffin who were kind enough to contribute to HDS

La 2eime Port a Gauche from Montreal takes us behind closed doors, literally. Rendevous:40 Silver Dart Drive is a site specific work exploring human intimacy at the beautiful ALT Hotel.Friday and Saturday 7PM/ Nov 6&7 & Sunday 2PM/Nov 8th 2015

The ever captivating Tentacle Tribe from Montreal brings us on a ride through their jelly limbs on Dec 10-12 proclaiming Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid in the Sir James Dunn Theatre. Complimented by our very own The Woods, Tentacle Tribe will initiate our audiences to their incredible performance style. 8PM/DEC 10-12/2015

Flying in from Amsterdam, Cecilia Moisio will bring us Juxtapose. Dealing with the all to familiar issue of the expectations set on the female in our still very patriarchal society. Warning, this might get a little messy, *smirk* 8PM/ Jan 14-16/ 2015 Sir James Dunn

La Otra Orilla will surprise us all with their twist on Flamenco Dance at the end of March 8 PM/30 March/2015/ Spatz Theatre

And if you go see no other show at Live Art, visit the theatre from April 21-23 so you can glow with pride for our local talents. Nova Scotians are naturally hard workers and are used to working in tumultuous environments. Works by SiNS Dance Company and Lydia Zimmer will draw the season to a close. 8PM 21-23 April/2015 Sir James Dunn


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