Live Art Dance Presents: Sharon Fridman

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Live Art Dance Productions started the season with Kaha:wi dance in conjunction with

Kaha:Wi Dance Company: Re-Quickening presented by Live Art in September. Photo by: David Hou

the Prismatic Arts Festival. This season will see another diverse lineup in celebration of this country’s appreciation for all cultures. If one is curious about the nuances of another culture, dance is an excellent way to explore. Extra attention should be paid to the messages and stories these artists are telling through their movement. We all have a body and to communicate through its’ language can be a telling and powerful way to transcend boundaries and understanding.

This Thursday to Saturday we welcome Israeli born choreographer Sharon Fridman, based in Madrid Spain. Hasta Dónde, a duet featuring Fridman and Arthur Bernard is an award winning piece for its’ contact improvisation style. The Compañia Sharon Fridman aligns itself with the “social dimension of dance” keeping stock of the power of dance to “find new solutions to conflict”. Along with contact improvisation and social justice, the company finds itself in various territories, aiming to break the fourth wall; performing in various spaces other than the proscenium stage. They are known to venture and perform outdoors, onto sidewalks and grassy terrains. The second piece All Ways is a newer presentation featuring 8 dancers aiming for harmony amidst a group.

Two related events include a talk with Sara Coffin on Contact Improvisation Dance and a workshop lead by Fridman on a Friday. Well known for her proficiency and expertise on the topic, Coffin will be present before the show on Thursday to answer any burning questions you may have on the illusive art of contact dance. Find her in room 405 at the Dal Arts Centre from 7:15-7:45pm. On Friday Oct. 6 Fridman will be leading a contact improvisation workshop from 10AM to 12PM at Halifax Dance.

Live Art Presents:
Compañia Sharon Fridman

(Advisory: Nudity during performance)
8pm /Thurs-Sat 5-7/ October/2017
Tickets: $20 students $25 seniors $30 Adults
Sir James Dunn Theatre 6101 University Ave.

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