Me, Myself and Her

The Dance Seen

As a woman artist, or really as a human there will be a point in time where you’re alone. Dependant on no one but yourself. This can be a frightening, invigorating time full of doubt, questions and freedom.

On Monday October 30 three artists from the East Coast will explore these concepts separately; together. In Me Myself and Her Kathleen Doherty artistic director of Votive Dance joins forces with Sara Johnson Power and Candice Pike to explore what it means to be woman alone.

Doherty’s Arriving at the End interacts with the life of Amelia Earhart, inspired by her passion, career and feminist ideologies. Creating a buoyant and wistful solo, Kathleen herself knows the singularity of forging new pathways. Having built a dance company from scratch in the small unforgiving art landscape of Halifax, her empathy with Earhart pierces any notions of imitation.

       Kathleen Doherty in: Arriving at The End                                                                                  Photo by: Tim Nguyen 


Sarah Johnson Power from St John NB performs “she pulled head out of the oven and vanished” a comedic look at responding to memories to stay connected with the outside world. Her friendship with inanimate objects will make you think twice about your daily rituals. Power admits the comedy came spontaneously but will allow an audience to get to know the character; having come to life over years of development.

From back to Front: Kathleen Doherty, Sarah Johnson Power and Candice Pike.                     Photo by: Lorne Power

Candice Pike’s work “Were you a poem” will explore long term relationships from the inside and outside through poetry, movement, text and literature.

Pike draws inspiration from the strong effect of poetry on the human soul and the physiology on the body.

This self produced show was created with heart. Kathleen and Sarah were excited to recount the times when their work was received with questions, curiosity and comments from audience members or would-be show attendees. When they were in Cornerbrook they would have dinner and tea with art lovers and were very excited to talk about their process; adding more to the work with a forum to talk about what they do.

Photo by: Lorne Power

As the afternoon pushed on and our other commitments started to creep closer we chatted vehemently about the need to talk about dance and the process of making art. As an audience member, this blog is how I let the pieces collect in my mind but maybe you are less shy than I am and have something to say. As Power put it, even a comment on costumes, music or whether you were sitting behind a tall person and had to peek around them, all of this is information and will be received by artists with the notion that maybe they aren’t so alone after all.

Me, Myself and Her: A Triple Bill of Solo Dance Performances
Monday, October 30, 2017 @ 8pm
Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen St, Halifax
$15 Adult, $10 Student (available at the door) 

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