Nova Scotia film is in the Top 30 of the 60Seconds Dance Competition

The Dance Seen

When Steve Richard and I started working together we had no idea how similar our creation styles were. However we quickly found out that we are both inspired by two very distinct features in art; Beauty, and Story. While modelling for his new book to be published soon, I became interested in creating a dance film. Steve and I chatted one afternoon and formulated a storyboard that we would submit to the 60 Seconds Dance Film Festival. Originally our idea was to submit the film as a way to provide ourselves with a deadline so as to complete a solid project within a clear timeline. However, after showing the video around and receiving positive feedback, it was clear we may have something special. And apparently, The 60 Seconds Dance Festival thought so too! While travelling in Thailand I got a very exciting e-mail from Steve that said we had been chosen as one of the top 30 films out of 272 films submitted from all over the world. The film is still in competition for Top 10 lists in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. However I think I could say we are both already proud to represent Nova Scotia in the preselected category and will continue to work on more projects in the future working on innovative ways to collaborate dance and film in meaningful ways.

“The Drop”
Steve Richard and Kara Friesen

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