My Favourite Dance Classes

The Dance Seen


As someone navigating through the professional dance world, I have to continuously polish my technique. When I first arrived in Halifax I found the pro ballet morning classes at Halifax Dance. A mix of ages from 20 to 50 this group of lovely people train for the love of ballet. The classes are designed to challenge you while being courteous to your somewhat, ahem, rustier body.

This March is the perfect time to get out and move with Denise Fujiwara’s Contemplative Butoh Dance. Open to beginners all the way to professionals I highly recommend this event to people who want to move in a way that opens your senses and allows for freedom throughout the whole body.

This class is where I met my good friend Kathleen Doherty whom has since involved me in more projects than I can count! Part of Kinetic studio,one of her goals was to keep training accessible to people like ourselves. We needed some contemporary movement in our week so Kinetic studio holds a Professional contemporary class once a week in the beautiful Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts. The teachers all attend the classes when they aren’t leading them so really it’s more of a collective to keep us limbered up for our performances. This class is made up of mainly professionals in the dance scene and challenges you to move through different pathways, using techniques ranging from classic modern to Gaga-ism (I added an ism because I love this technique so much I think it deserves an ism)

And finally the wonderful girls of Mocean Dance generously share their company classes and workshops. These hard working dancers are usually hopping from province to province with their performances but whenever we’re really lucky they will invite semi-pro dancers into their studio and their hearts allowing us to train with them for a few weeks at a time. The classes are much like the weekly classes and are even taught by mostly the same people but the real bonus here is that we get to enjoy two morning classes a week!



Morning advanced Ballet Classes/ Monday & Wednesday $100/ 10 class card plus admin fee

Mocean Classes / Sept 15-19, Sept 25-26, Oct 7 & 9,Nov 3-5,Dec 1-5, Dec 8-12,Mar 23-27, Mar 30-April 2,April 6-10, April 13-17, April 20-24 /$10 per class

Kinetic Studio Professional Dance Classes /Thursdays/ $10 per class