The Parallel WIP (Work in Progress Showing)

The Dance Seen

With the holiday sediment settling around our feet, let’s take that daring step out of our warm house to be part of a budding dance collective’s next exciting event.

The brainchild of the ever bustling Jessica Lowe collaborating with Anastasia Wiebe, “Parallel” originated as a duet between the two. Contemplating one version of a parallel universe, the choreography will centre around how co-existence could be subject to duplication by another being whether we are conscious of it or not. Pathways through a stage can replicate the pathways through life where the subjects will or will not intersect and the effect of either may be witnessed by the outside viewer.

It is the idea that the life you are living is also being lived by a person whom you might cross paths with or (with whom you may) never interact -Jessica Lowe Artistic Director Nostos Collectives

The showing will allow us a peek into the beginnings of a full length work to be developed over the company’s next season.


The Nostos Collectives collaborate between each other within Halifax and Toronto. Their style blends contemporary dance with technically rich movement inspired by jazz and street styles. With Jessica Lowe at the helm, their success has seen the group perform multiple shows at the Bus Stop Theatre this year with the help of funding by Arts Nova Scotia.

Parallel by The Nostos Collectives

8pm/Friday & Saturday/ 5&6 Jan/ 2018
Tickets: $10 at the door
Bus Stop Theatre 2203 Gottingen St