Rhonda Baker In the Guelph Dance Festival

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Featured in Live Art Dance last year, Rhonda Baker performed “Nutshell” with a sense of detail, and vigour so difficult to attain in solo work. Her mastery of this gifted work by Sharon Moore doesn’t come so easily; spending hours in the studio running through each movement until it seems she could perform the piece backwards, it would be an understatement to say she is a hard worker.

imageRhonda Baker

After graduating from the school of Toronto Dance Theatre she attended workshops in Israel under the Gaga dance form created by Ohad Naharin, an internationally acclaimed choreographer known for his work inspired by the inner state of his dancers.
On stage she wows her audience with her strength, flexibility and stability. I’ve even overheard the audience’s disbelief as they watch her execute a Russian split from floor to standing or as, in her recent solo work “Live from the FlashPan” she holds a microphone stand, descending to the ground in a fluid arabesque….while delivering a monologue.
Check out her latest work in the studio, before she grabs a flight to Ontario to perform in the Guelph Dance Festival.
Merde Rhonda! We’re all rooting for you!

Nutshell: In The Studio from Rhonda Liane on Vimeo.

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