Sound and Motion Silence and Stillness: Verge


Tonight at the Bus Stop theatre is your chance to catch Verge: Sound and Motion presented by suddenlyLISTEN. The show, brainchild of Andrew MacKelvie and Kathleen Doherty suspends time for a moment to allow breath, stillness and silence.

These days I find myself rushing from here to there, emailing, texting, writing, fretting, nail biting at the plight of time. Time seems to be one of our most valuable resources and yet in my life it’s certainly at risk.

Photo: Kathleen Doherty


Verge allows me, as one of the performers to step back, breathe be patient and enjoy. And what a treat it is working alongside talented dancers: Kathleen Doherty, Michele Slattery and talented musicians: Andrew MacKelvie, Rosanna Burrill, Jackson Fairfax, Nick Durado and Matt Gallant. Though the eight of us work on projects around the city in touring bands, dance productions and weekly gigs we are all committed to meeting weekly together as contemporaries experimenting with art. A far cry from the wailing sounds you may hear at your local pub on any given evening, the music and movement produced when the group of us merge is thoughtfully considered and completely original.

The first show Verge performed in March 2015 was a fun eclectic mix: dancers entwined with musicians, rearrangement of your traditional performance sphere and (quite literally) deconstructing the way musicians and dancers perform together. (For those of you who didn’t see the show, Kathleen and Matt’s duet in which she takes apart his drum kit did just that).

Looking ahead to tonight, Verge:Sound and Motion will be a more patient show. Doherty and MacKelvie describe the show as bringing dance and music from a broad sense into:

a more articulated way to explore these two forms together.” Kathleen’s interest in slowly unfolding movement and building piece by piece performance that breathes has lead us to slow ourselves, step back and rather than “showing everything you’ve got in your pocket all at once” we hold back allowing space for the audience to indulge in their own sense of time.

Of one of the pieces “Fan Fan” MacKelvie shares:

It’s a piece that is looking at the environment in which we listen to music or we watch dance, attempting to enter into the environment so that we can then change it so you notice the difference between one type of silence versus another type of silence….it’s a patient piece because it takes time to develop that tamboura (eruption) of silence.”

In the most humble way possible I feel delighted and blessed to be a member in this collection of open and honest artistic spirits. I hope when you see the show you feel the same sense of calm and delight that I do from the inside. The challenge of improvising together in performance has been a motivation from the start and each time we meet presents another obstacle. However, working together over the past year and a half has proven a bonding experience that enrichens us as a group and as individual artists. Come join us on the Verge of something big!


Verge: Sound and Motion

Presented by: suddenlyLISTEN

Tickets: $20 or Pay what you can

8PM/Saturday/6 February/2016

Bus Stop Theatre


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