SuddenlyLISTEN and Kinetic Studio present….a Music and Dance workshop for Movers and Shakers FREE!


Sunday afternoon, if you’re inspired by the events of the evening before at Votive Dance’s Order Up! why not enjoy your own moments of improvisation. Whether you play a little harmonica, guitar or tambourine, whether you can spin on your head or are just comfortable with the two-step come out to Suddenly Listen’s complimentary workshop lead by Jacinte Armstrong and Doug Cameron.

Head over to DANSpace on Grafton on November 22 at 2pm until 4pm to join fellow improvisers. You’ll learn how to really listen to each other, how to jump in, how to step back and observe and what it feels like to make a connection and learn about different art forms. Looking for someone to perform with? This is a great place to network with like minded artists, or to just enjoy a Sunday afternoon with some great people!

This Tuesday as part of the suddenlyLISTEN Concert Series the Bozzini Quartet will be playing at Saint Matthews United Church. A great way to familiarize yourself with Suddenly Listen’s creative concept of in the moment, on the spot creation emanating a

sound all their own, embodying openness, cooperation, vulnerability, intelligence and wit.

When I was a young girl growing up as a dancer, I loved the freedom of putting on some music and letting my heart lead me through the movements. It was this feeling of abandonment that I could never get enough of. My brother and Father playing guitar on Christmas morning as I twirled around the living room in celebration and joy made those days truly special.

I hope you will join us to add your spontaneous ideas and perspective into the mix as we abandon all expectations and delve into the unknown…..

suddenlyLISTEN and Kinetic Studio Music & Dance Improvisation Workshop

2-4pm/Sunday/ 22 November/2015


DANSpace 1531 Grafton St Halifax

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