Take the chill out of January with these Upcoming Shows

Cecilia Moisio and Erin Harty in Juxtapose courtesy of Live Art Dance

Just last night I turned to my partner and sighed. “I wonder what it’s like to be a man?” And for that short moment I truly had a wish to know how it felt to walk into a room knowing that my gender almost certainly always had the upper hand. That I wouldn’t be required to answer to a certain feminine dogma to work my way through society. I wondered what it would be like to have not been sexualized from a very young age. (The glances, remarks and media influences) and the constant checking in with whether I’m giving off the “wrong idea” concerning how I conduct myself as a woman.

‘Juxtapose by Cecilia Moisio’ from Dansmakers on Vimeo.

This next show “Juxtapose” presented by Live Art Dance Production deals with these common issues of femininity, performed by choreographer Cecilia Mosio and Erin Harty from Finland. Two women struggling with their pursuit of perfection bring to life metaphors through text and movement, the exploration of women’s rights and current gender issues. I’m excited to see them approached with such a blazingly unapologetic energy. Promotional videos often give only snippets of information, but from the array of props involved, the strongly rebellious scenes featured, I see a show that unfolds it’s layers; contemplating and unravelling each one before putting it aside for the next.

Speaking of brave and unapologetic women, Mocean dance will be taking to the stage later this month at the Neptune Theatre with their three part series “Ordinary Rebels” featuring choreography by Sara Coffin, Emily Gaultieri and David Albert-Toth.

Jacinte Armstrong, Rhonda Baker and Gillian Seaward-Boone rehearsing with Emilie Gualtieri and David Albert-Toth

Coffin offers up a mega physical duet featuring her and Gillian Seaward-Boone, a well-matched strong and physical presence on stage. Gaultieri presents a trio of Rhonda Baker, Jacinte Armstrong and Gillian Seaward-Boone equally physical and haunting in it’s composition. Finishing off the show will be Montrealer David Albert-Toth’s and Gualtieri’s solo creation. As co-artistic directors of Parts + Labour_Danse their presence will be welcomed as collaborators with Mocean; having formed a strong bond between the companies.

Ordinary Rebels – Teaser from Mocean Dance on Vimeo.

Looking for some movement opportunities? David Albert-Toth will be giving a professional workshop at Halifax Dance next Thursday, as a generous gift during his visit. The last one focused on listening, sensing and attention to detail. This next workshop will centre on applying these concepts to movement sequences. I felt inspired by Toth’s generosity in allowing us to freely move in a way that felt good, breaking down the body into isolated parts so that one could fully express themselves through their innate movement qualities.

Courtesy Mocean Dance

Thankfully, my wistful pondering passed and morphed into gratitude for being a dancer in this era. I’m grateful to the ground-breaking human beings that have helped create a space for dance in the non-sexualized realm. The people whom have taken dance as an art form to best inspire questions about society, gender, politics, and human nature. The people whom have switched out the lens that looks purely for line to the one through which we can see glimpses of the human soul.

As I emerge from my ever indulgent holiday I seek new forms of entertainment away from the cold craft brew. So here it is folks, the chance you’ve been waiting for to get out there and immerse yourself in the Halifax Dance Culture.

I hope you enjoy!


8PM/Thurs-Sat/14-16 January/2016

Tickets: Live Art Dance

$30 General/ $25 Seniors/$20 Students

Dalhousie Arts Centre: James Dunn Theatre

Artist talk at 7:15 pre-show on Jan 14 for ticket holders.


Ordinary Rebels: Mocean Dance

8PM/Thurs – Sat/21-23 January/29

Tickets: Gen $25 /Students, Artists, Seniors $20

Neptune Theatre


Workshop David Albert-Toth
10am-11:15am/ Thurs/ 14 Jan/2016
Halifax Dance

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