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A jam packed Fall has brought us to December. I know it’s cliché but My! How time flies! From hotel site specific, word play and inspiring street dance we’ve arrived at a long awaited show featuring the duo from Montreal, Tentacle Tribe.

The first time I saw them perform in Montreal it was during a show featuring various companies. Readying backstage I caught their performance through the stage wings, my jaw dropped and I can’t lie I was pretty taken back by their chemistry.

Their movement merges flow with shape, two becoming one entity, reading each other like a poem, trailing through space effortlessly, hip-hop inspired, contemporary inspired, b-boy/girl freezes and uninterrupted grace that builds this melange of dance forms into its own sphere of movement.

Having worked with notable choreographers like Dave St. Pierre and performed in companies including Cirque de Soleil and rubberbanddance company Elon Höglund and Emmanuelle Lê Phan’s reach is International.

When They Fall: Revisited from Tentacle Tribe/Elon & Emmanuelle on Vimeo.

If you’re not melting into your seat at the end of their production, Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid, check your ticket because you’re probably not at the right show. Thinking back to the response to BBoyizm’s Music Creates Opportunity I have no doubt that Halifax’s dance audience is thirsting for more street dance inspired productions.

Lucky for us, we have our own local company here in Halifax lead by Alexis Cormier. The Woods will be performing a custom-made dance piece in collaboration with Ghettosocks a rap artist originally from Ottawa.

Having made his name nationally and internationally from the Halifax forum Socks has landed himself on CBC’s top 25 list of Greatest Canadian Rap Artists.

This isn’t the first time The Woods will grace the Dunn stage for Live Art Programming, they lit up the stage with their twist on classic hip-hop performance in April 2014 with an impressive flair for moving cleanly as a tight knit group.

Get to know some locally and internationally acclaimed artists this weekend presented by Live Art Dance Productions.

Tentacle Tribe-Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid with The Woods and Ghettosocks

8PM/Thursday, Friday and Saturday/ 10, 11 & 12 December/2015

Buy Tickets

$30 General, $25 Seniors, $20 Students

Dunn Theatre, Dalhousie Arts Centre




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